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The Garage

"How to" section with tips and links to keep your Corvair on the road. Ready to take the next step? Join Us!

Tune Up

Our friends from the San Diego Corvair Club made this video for tuning up your Corvair. back in the 1980's. Although the VCR was thrown out years ago, the info given in this video still holds true!



Every Corvair owner should own a copy of the shop manual for their Corvair. 1960 is very unique among Corvairs and has it's own specific manual.  61-63 will cover basics for 1961-1964. You will want to buy a 1964 supplement for 1964 specific information. 1965 will cover basics for 1965-69 cars with year specific supplements for 66-69 cars. Visit the "links" section at the top of the page. Clark's and California Corvair sell the shop manuals. They can also be found used on eBay.

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