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SFBA Picnic update and other news

Hello Everybody,

Well..... while Covid appears to wreck havoc on all areas of our day to day lives, the classic car hobby is no exception. It's looking more and more like car shows as we know them are a no-go for 2020. Even meetups, bbq's and park events have been put on the backburner out of concern for public safety.

As you probably already know, we have talked with Valley Corsa and cancelled our annual BBQ at Quarry Lakes Park in Fremont. Up until a couple of weeks ago, BBQ's were allowed with small gatherings and social distancing. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Well..... a spike in new cases in California that have reached every county have resulted in the park being almost completely shut down with signs throughout prohibiting picnics and gatherings. Disappointing, but completely understandable.

We are also doing zoom meetings in place of our monthly meetings at Black Bear. The silver lining on this is that we are getting pretty good at zoom. Another benefit is that we have members checking in from other parts of the state, which is really cool! This format has been such a hit that the club has paid for a year of zoom membership. The plan is to continue to do the zoom meetings even after we are able to do in person meetings. We haven't quite figured out the logistics on this yet, but pretty exciting news, nonetheless!

With technology developing so quickly, we are also exploring doing a virtual tech session on zoom and maybe a virtual car show on instagram. This could be a fun way to show some club pride to folks outside of the Bay Area.

Our zoom meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Aug 6th at 7pm. We hope you will consider joining us. Everyone is welcome and we would love to chat with you.

Stay Safe!

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