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Corvairs at the 2020 Sacramento Autorama

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Sacramento Autorama. The Sacramento club, CCRC, is going to participate in the event and will have a number of Corvairs on display. We encourage you all to check them out and show your support.

If you want to enter your Corvair along with the CCRC guys, you still can, but time is running out! It is $75 to enter and the application link is at the bottom of this post. You can also find information on the events calendar on . If you want to show your Corvair with CCRC, you will need to drop CCRC President John Heiser an email with a heads up at Here is the email I received John this morning:

"Cut off date to enter is like ASAP! This weekend to mid next week when the applications need to be mailed in.

If SFBA Club Members want to enter with CCRC, I will need a car count so that the organizers of the "Club House" can make room for the # of Corvairs. So far we have about 7 car entries. I indicated approximately 10-12 cars. If more enter, I will need to let the Gardner's know.

SFBA Club members can mail their application in directly to Susan Gardner with the Check or Credit Card info with "Club House" written in bold letters on the top part of the application. Checks written to "Rod Shows"

$75 entry fee. No late fee added.

Susan Gardner's address:

4790 Artesia Rd

Shingle Springs, CA 95682

Thank you!"

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