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2020 CORSA convention in San Diego. Are you ready?

There has been a lot of posts and photos on social media being shared this week with the CORSA convention in St Charles, MO. This led to a discussion at the last club meeting about the upcoming convention in San Diego this time next year.

"That is a whole year away", you might say. "I have plenty of time to get my Corvair ready before then!". Maybe so. But it seems like time is going by faster than ever before. Next July will sneak up on many of us before we know it.

With that said, there are two points to this post.

One, the club would love to have a strong turnout to the 2020 convention.

With CORSA being very Midwest-centric, who knows the next time a convention will be held in the Golden State? This will be a great opportunity to see a sea of Corvairs on display (including yours!). To meet that end, we need to start planning now. Do you have a Corvair sitting in your driveway or garage that you'll "get to"? What does it need to get back on the road? Parts? Tune-up? Tools? Advice? A second or third set of hands? The club is here to help. We can even plan a tech session to help YOU with YOUR Corviar! You just need to reach out so we know.

Two, we need to start mapping out how we are going to get down to San Diego.

There are already a handful of us that are going to drive our Corvairs. There are also a couple of others that plan on trailering their cars down. Regardless of how we are getting there, the best plan of action is to drive down in as big of a group as possible. We can set up checkpoints along the way for food breaks, fill-ups and bathroom breaks. If it is decided that one day is a bit much to get down to SD, we can make it a two day run with a sleepover somewhere in Central California. We will also need at least one trouble car carrying tools and spare parts in the event of a breakdown.

If you have made it this far, that means you are interested in this caravan, or at the very least curious. I would encourage you, dear SFBA member, to attend our next club meeting so we can start exploring and making plans on this trip.

If you are unable to make a meeting (I get it, commuter traffic is terrible!), drop one of the club officers an email or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

San Diego or bust 2020!!!

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