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The Corvair and why you should own one

(or another one)

The Corvair is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves. This is thanks in large part to its longtime caregivers, advocates and thanks to a new generation of owners who equally appreciate the Corvair. From its innovative design,  to supermodel good looks and outsider status, it is still an affordable entry into the classic car hobby. With the best community of owners and enthusiasts, great vendors and local and national club keeping the Corvair alive, there is no better time than the present to buy a Corvair.


A Vairy Brief History

Not long after winning the MotorTrend car of the year for 1960, the Corvair's fortunes changed. Partially due to ignorance, partially due to opportunity and partially due to imitation, "The Revolutionary Corvair" was quickly labeled as unsafe and fell out of favor. Owners and advocates knew better. The pony car and, later, the muscle car did more damage to the Corvair than an oppertunistic attorney and his little book. Look at almost every car from the 1965 Mustang to a brand new Tesla and you will see a little bit of a Corvair in either engineering or design.  European cars, in particular, borrowed heavily from the Corvairs beautiful lines. 


A New Day For The Corvair

Today, the Corviar is finally getting the recognition it rightfully deserves. As new generations come into the classic car hobby, fresh eyes seeing the Corvair for the first time appreciate what went into making these cars and how important they are. And... how great they look and handle!


Below are a couple of great reads. Have a look and see if you agree. If you love the Corvair as much as we do, consider joining us in having some  fun and keeping the Corvair alive!


The Curious Case of The Corvair

A MUST read from Mike Blanchard at RUST out of Sacramento.


Will The Corvair Kill You?

Great article and video from Hagerty putting a 1960 Corvair to the test on the track.

Garage Hot Rods

Taylor McKimens' 63 Coupe

If you asked me when I started Garage Hot Rods which cars I’d be writing about, the Chevrolet Corvair would not have been on my list...

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